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2018 MVFL JR. Novice and Novice Super Bowl Champions!


Our next board meeting is on December 16, 2019 at the Ambulance Center, 7:00 P.M.  

For any questions contact - Leslie @ 209-484-0320


If interested, please submit your interest at the board meeting on November 18, 2019

Vice President - 2 year term

Cheer Operations Director - 2 year term

Secretary - 2 year term

Equipment Coordinator - 1 year term

Apparel Coordinator - 1 year term

Concession Coordinator - 1 year term

Game Day Coordinator - 1 year term

Fundraising Coordinator - 1 year term


If you are interested in being a Head Coach for Football or Cheer in the 2020 Season please present your interest at our December Board Meeting or submit a letter of interest via email to: sonorajuniorcats@gmail.com


Voting on open board positions and head coaches will take place during the closed board session on December 16, 2019